Where to find small uk businesses to shop online?

where to find small uk businesses to shop online

Where are small businesses found?

You may, in the past, wondered where to find small uk businesses to shop online.

Well, here is an exciting new online shop specifically for small business owners that have been chosen by one of the UK’s favourite business owners, Theo Paphitis. Every Sunday he asks small business owners from all over the UK to tweet to him their business using the hashtag #sbs (Small Business Sunday). He then chooses 6 of the best that have caught his eye and retweets their tweet.

Over the years Theo has built up a great little community of small businesses of all kinds – they can be manufactures, services, shops or online retailers.

Then, once a year he gathers this community together to suggest ways in which to help. He has often said that he knows just how difficult it is to get businesses up and running and wants to offer as much support as possible.

Now, as a little #sbs community we have a fantastic opportunity to have our own online shop. Presently it contains mainly products but soon it will offer services too. It is called…..

Shop SBS.

You can safely shop for all kinds of products knowing you will be helping to support uk businesses up and down the UK. Please go and take a look and tell us what you think, but best of all remember the uk’s small businesses in the future when looking for a gift or service.


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