Spooky Pirate refill pack


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Contents for spooky pirate refill pack:

8x Invitations plus 1 spare
Treasure Hunt Clues
Pin the Tail on the Werewolf
Werewolf tails
Treasure Map and riddles
4x Hieroglyphic worksheet

This pack can only be bought as an add on to Spooky Pirate Party CD or Spooky Pirate standard pack. Please email us if you have already made a purchase.

In stock


Spooky Pirate refill pack

Party “top up”! Use this spooky pirate refill pack to invite more to your party.

Designed to go with the Pirate Party Pack – CD version or the Pirate Party Game for Boys Standard Pack  – if you would like to invite a second ‘group’ to your child’s spooky pirate party.

Two groups can happily play side by side using this refill pack, please make sure there is enough space to play the games, and also for everyone to sit and watch.

Please note the audio does not come with this pack, this is a refill pack only – see FAQ for further details.



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