Pirate Table Cloth


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1 x Plastic pirate table cloth size 137 x 274cm (54 x 108″)


In stock



Pirate Table Cloth

Cover yer table me hearties, this could be a messy one!

This plastic disposable pirate table cloth should help with anything being flung your way. Put it over your head and wear it like a cape! Let’s face it, inviting rowdy pirates to tea probably wasn’t the most sensible of plans. At least, with this, you will have some defence against any attacks. Or you could put it on the table and hide underneath it….

With our amazingly brilliant audio party of course there won’t be any trouble, so maybe you won’t need to buy this…

If they have been playing our Spooky Pirate Party they will have sailed to Zombie island, met up with Victor the Vampire, trekked though a werewolf wood and crossed an ocean to Egypt to find Mummy. So the young ruffians will be tired and happy to eat. Besides, knowing that if they do behave, they might possibly get the loot – bag too!


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