Pirate Party Cups – pack of eight


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1 packet of eight pirate party cups.

In stock



Packet of Eight Pirate Party Cups

They’ll be thirsty they’ll be… after all that playing around. So you more than one Packet of Eight Pirate Party Cups.

These will go well with any pirate themed party. However, it just so happens that our party entertainment is for eight children –  just the right amount of cups for the party!

Hang on, per’aps you haven’t heard of our Spooky Pirate party ? Where ‘ave you been? Captured and left on an island to rot?!

Tsk, well, I’d better explain me ‘earties… it’s a two hour audio party with narrated instructions, so no reading to do, just listen, act, and play along. In between all the acting are party games, such as a treasure hunt, hieroglyphics and Pin the Tail on the Werewolf, puzzles and mystery clues. Great value and no stormy weather to worry about.

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