Pirate Happy Birthday Banner


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1 x 2.4 metre/ 8 feet long Jointed Pirate Happy Birthday Banner


In stock



Pirate Happy Birthday Banner

This Pirate Happy Birthday Banner is just right to set the mood for your pirate party. It’s an impressive 2.4 / 8ft long … better check where you might put it! Hoist the sail and pin it to the thingymejig ….or whatever those things are called.

Then greet your guests with a very special welcome… just remember to put down your cutlass first.

Don’t forget to take a look at our all our other Spooky Pirate Party Products. If buying in conjunction with our Spooky Pirate entertainment our bundle pack is fabulous value. If you don’t think so we will walk the plank, alternatively we can give you your money back.


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