Jointed Pirate Skeleton – 1 metre 40cm


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Fabulous pirate decoration for kids. They will enjoy having Captain Skelly around long after the party has ended.

Good quality Jointed Skeleton Pirate 140cm (55″) which will add to the fun to any spooky pirate party – something a little more special without a steep price tag.

The Captain here will enjoy greeting all your guests as they arrive to join the party.

He will enjoy it all the more if his guests happen to be Victor the Vampire, Mummy, Wizard, Zombie, Ghostie, Gory Surgeon and Werewolf – all the characters in our special audio party entertainment  – our outstanding two hour spooky pirate party entertainment.

Out of stock




1 x Jointed Spooky Pirate Skeleton 1 metre 40cm tall/ 55 inches


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