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Claire Hainstock, founder of Acting the Party receiving their #sbs award from Theo Paphitis

Why did you design/make these games?

Why we love it

  • Stories for kids to act to
  • Structured play
  • Themed party games
  • Home enviroment
  • Manageable numbers
  • Saves money
  • Kids love it!

Why you will too

…and so too your children. If you’d like a party at home, not just to save money but to be able to watch your child interact with their friends and have fun this is for you. Cool party games with the structure of something fun to do between the games. No chaos or mess and something just a little different. Plus, of course, to save a small fortune.

We hope you enjoy our parties, we think they’re ace, and very high quality, so they do take a while to produce. If you’re waiting for a new theme expect to be playing it with your teenager, they take us a long while because we want them to be the best they can. However, we can reveal the next party will be… eventually… an adventure based in Space!

Acting the Party award badges
Graham Seed at studio

Claire with Graham Seed whilst working at The Voiceover Gallery studios in Manchester.

Who are we?


I’m Claire, and my husband is Chris. Chris and I, like many parents, we’re not that keen on kids parties.

Well alright, that’s not entirely true, but when our children were little we did find them incredibly stressful, loud and messy. Plus they were outrageously expensive. So too their parties, boom boom.

However, we also know how much fun they can be – parties, children, and a mixture of the two. With our three children all born in the same month – yeh, great planning and a modern miracle – we soon found our house filled with a plastic mountain from party bags and presents, and left stunned at the cost of the entertainment.

So we decided to try a new approach. Keep the good bits, chuck out the mad, bad, messy and chaotic bits.

With 35+ combined years of experience at the BBC, Chris in editing and myself in visual effects we set about writing, designing, finding the very best narrators, recording and editing until we could unleash it on our children. Oh sweet revenge…. but hey, they really enjoyed it. Best still, so did we! So have many children and parents since. That’s what we LOVE about children’s parties, seeing kids have a really super time and knowing we have saved their parents money and woe. We hope you enjoy it too, please let us know what you think, we are always trying to improve and think of new themes for the future.

Warmest regards

Claire x

Some of my highlights

We presently have 4 parties.. You may want to know which we like the best. Well, actually each have been interesting and fun in their own right. Our first was the Spooky Pirate party. The choice of theme was easy as our sons were heavily into pirates at the time and because we could test it on them! The second was amazing to hear Elizabeth Rider narrate the script exactly how I heard it in my head! Sample on the home page. Graham Seed was a joy as he had the right kind of wry humour that a Pantomime party requires. Isy Suttie has a fantastic accent and of course, is no novice when it comes to voiceover narration – a Gold Sony Comedy Award winner.
However, we’re still hoping to make some new awesome themes, here’s a few ideas:
  • Space adventure
  • Fairytales
  • Under the Sea
Playing the first party and seeing the kids have a fantastic time playing it.

Well, I’m currently writing a new script… then it’ll need narrating, editing, game accessories designed, packaging…

Being with family and friends, dog walking, listening to audio dramas, reading, gardening, tweeting, working… loving life.

Producer and owner of Acting the Party – former BBC Visual (Special) Effects designer and assistant. I cleared a lot of gunge on children’s shows and made Baldrick’s turnip as seen at the end of Blackadder. Lover of audio drama and dog walker extraordinaire. Sometimes, with a podcast, on the Lincolnshire hills (yes, there are some) I will combine the two.

Because I didn’t think I had enough to do I am currently enjoying working part-time as a (SEN) Teaching Assistant at a local Secondary School.