1 02, 2015

How to host


Once the party pack is delivered, open and read the simple instructions – some things are to do before the day, some on the day, very little for either. Print and/or prepare the game accessories. Send out the invitations and wrap a Pass the Parcel 9 times – children’s parties only. Play the audio, the

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30 01, 2015

How many can play the Christmas Family Party?


No less than 4 unless you can act extremely fast and no more than 12 unless you’re happy to double up some of the characters.

If there are lots of you it may be wise to have two groups playing side by side.

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27 01, 2015

Problem opening files


The PDF’s will need adobe reader, again many computers will download these automatically, but if not check that you have it, look online for information, here is a good start: https://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/otherversions/ (free)

The MP3 files can be played in itunes or by windows media, burnt onto a CD or played through an iPod – please make

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27 01, 2015

Problems with downloading from usb


Depending on your computer the files may download automatically. Or you can open them from the usb pen drive. You will then be able to save the MP3 file and the PDF’s onto your computer, in itunes or ipod. Remember where you put them.
Please feel free to burn it onto a CD if you need

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12 01, 2015

What age group is the Christmas family party designed for?


Any! Similar to any good pantomime it is designed for the entire family.

Under fives may like an adult to play/act along with them. Some children will also need to pair up with adults to solve some of the riddles and clues – we generally find that they are best at the treasure hunt however, oh,

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