12 01, 2016

What is it?


Acting the Party is an audio production that lasts at least 1 and 1/2 hours.

A narrator tells a fantasy story in which the children become the characters, they give clear instructions to the children who will get up in ones or twos to act out their part. During the story they will all get up to play party games –

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12 09, 2015

Tell me more…


Acting the Party is an audio guided role playing party, similar to a mystery party.  We realised however, that reading character parts didn’t always come easily to young children so instead we have designed and produced high quality audio party plays.

Our professional narrators read the stories, giving instructional prompts throughout. We cram in as much music

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1 02, 2015

How to host


Once the party pack is delivered, open and read the simple instructions – some things are to do before the day, some on the day, very little for either. Print and/or prepare the game accessories. Send out the invitations and wrap a Pass the Parcel 9 times – children’s parties only. Play the audio, the

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30 01, 2015

My child is slightly younger/older, does this matter?


When designing Acting the Party we anticipated that if a child is about to have their 7th birthday it would be most likely that children aged 6 may attend the party. This is perfectly ok, they will manage the games and riddles, however, any younger and they may possibly struggle without help.
Likewise at a 9

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30 01, 2015

How soon will my party pack arrive?


We aim to dispatch your party pack within 1 to 3 days.

Please leave yourself enough time to send out the invitations from the pack.

If you have any concerns please use the Contact Us form and we will get back to you asap.

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30 01, 2015

My daughter wants to invite a boy/s …. my son wants to invite a girl/s?


We would advise that the Spooky Spectacular Pirate Party is best played either as a mixed or boys only party unless all the girls coming to the party are happy playing boisterous roles.
Leela’s Adventure was written with girls in mind and is made up of mainly girl characters apart from the dog and a monkey

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28 01, 2015

Does it have to be played at home?


From our own experience we realise that children’s parties can become very expensive so with this in mind we designed Acting the Party to be played at home. We also know, from a child’s point of view, they generally feel more comfortable in a home setting.

However, it is possible to play Acting the Party in

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27 01, 2015

Why the different pricing for the same party?


Our prices start from as little as £2.50 a child.

The Standard pack is the best value. It contains everything you need for 8 children, including the audio.

The CD pack is the same as the Standard pack but comes in a gift tin so will make a special gift and is re-usable.

The usb has printer

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27 01, 2015

Problem opening files


The PDF’s will need adobe reader, again many computers will download these automatically, but if not check that you have it, look online for information, here is a good start: https://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/otherversions/ (free)

The MP3 files can be played in itunes or by windows media, burnt onto a CD or played through an iPod – please make

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27 01, 2015

Problems with downloading from usb


Depending on your computer the files may download automatically. Or you can open them from the usb pen drive. You will then be able to save the MP3 file and the PDF’s onto your computer, in itunes or ipod. Remember where you put them.
Please feel free to burn it onto a CD if you need

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27 01, 2015

What if I want a bigger children’s party?


We have intentionally restricted the numbers so that everyone gets a good chance to play, and for parents to handle an easier party. Should you wish to hold a larger party then the best way to do this is with multiple groups of the original number, each group plays alongside each other. For example, a

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26 01, 2015

Will there be other themes?


We certainly hope so, we are working hard on it, but in the mean time why not tweet us and let us know what theme you would love to have for your Acting the Party Party!


Next planned is a Space Adventure for boys and girls – tell us who you’d love to narrate it!

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4 01, 2015

Why use Acting the Party and not just do a few birthday games myself?


Of course you may feel comfortable playing games or doing craft activities with children and confident giving children instructions.

Acting the Party is ideal however for busy parents, uncertain what to do between games,  with little time or money to organise a party.

Acting the Party has done all the work for you, there is nothing or very little for

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27 11, 2012

How can I contact you?


If you need to contact us, please call 01476 733 043

As we are a small company you may need to leave a message, but please do so and we’ll call you right back.

Or you can E-mail us at info@actingtheparty.co.uk, or use our simple contact us form on the contact us page.

We’re a friendly

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