Of course you may feel comfortable playing games or doing craft activities with children and confident giving children instructions.

Acting the Party is ideal however for busy parents, uncertain what to do between games,  with little time or money to organise a party.

Acting the Party has done all the work for you, there is nothing or very little for you to organise before the day. There will be no impatient children moaning while you are setting up the next game, no thinking about what games are going to be played, and no uncontrollable children between games. This will keep them happy and occupied from beginning to end.

They will need to listen to follow the story to feel involved so it is very unlikely that you will need to intervene at all. Many parents we have talked to have had time to have a cup of tea or to prepare food. The instructions are very straight forward and simple. The one thing that you (or your child) will need to do is wrap one pass the parcel 9 times with a prize , otherwise everything is ready for you.


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