Acting the Party is an audio production that lasts at least 1 and 1/2 hours.

A narrator tells a fantasy story in which the children become the characters, they give clear instructions to the children who will get up in ones or twos to act out their part. During the story they will all get up to play party games – the audio is either paused, or there’ll be music depending on the game. There’s lots of sound effects and music for added fun and atmosphere.

The whole party is designed so that once set up there is very little for the parent to do. The pre-party set up is incredibly easy, things such as placing the treasure hunt clues, pinning up the Pin the Tail and wrapping a Pass the Parcel. Once the children are settled, play the audio and off they go!

Everything is included, invitations, game accessories, the audio and a BIG spoonful of FUN!


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