We have intentionally restricted the numbers so that everyone gets a good chance to play, and for parents to handle an easier party. Should you wish to hold a larger party then the best way to do this is with multiple groups of the original number, each group plays alongside each other. For example, a party for 8 can be doubled to 16, two groups playing side by side.
Some of the games, such as the treasure hunt, can be played together. Most of the time only 2 or 3 characters are performing at any one time. Please make sure you have enough room for the all the children to play the party games. Alternatively, characters can ‘double up’ but be aware that some games will be designed for the original number, therefore the refill pack may be needed.

Please note:

With the usb version you may print out the invitations and game accessories as often as you wish – providing as many groups as you would like.

If you prefer to have the pre-printed CD version then you can purchase a refill pack.
The refill packs comes with invitations and other game accessories but not the audio. Please click here for Leela’s Adventure refill pack and here for the Pirate Spooky Spectacular. The usb version is likely to work out to be better value as you may print out invitations and game accessories as needed.