Acting the Party is an audio guided role playing party, similar to a

mystery party. We realised however, that reading character parts didn’t always come easily to young children so instead we have designed and produced high quality audio party plays.

Our professional narrators read the stories, giving instructional prompts throughout. We cram in as much music and sound effects as possible to enhance every scene. Plus we’ve added their favourite party games – themed into the story.

Everything’s all sorted for you allowing you to quickly and simply set up and run the party.

When you buy Acting the Party not only will the children get to act out an outstanding audio drama, they’ll also get to play the

best traditional party games plus a few fun surprises along the way!

Each themed children’s birthday party have a very high quality audio drama that lasts at least 1½ hours, leaving time for meeting, greeting and eating. The packs also provide stunning invitations, instructions and game accessories for all the party games. Designed specifically for parents who want a good but easy, inexpensive kids birthday party at home, without chaos.

The feedback we have received is that parents can’t believe how easy it is, the outstanding quality, exceptional value, and their kids have enjoyed it immensely – without a screen in sight!  Please take a look at our testimonial page.

Good honest children’s birthday parties.


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