When designing Acting the Party we anticipated that if a child is about to have their 7th birthday it would be most likely that children aged 6 may attend the party. This is perfectly ok, they will manage the games and riddles, however, any younger and they may possibly struggle without help.
Likewise at a 9 year olds party we anticipated that there may be 10 year olds present. However, older children (tweenies) may find it a little too young, feel uncool and make the party difficult for others.
Only you can be the judge of your child’s ability and patience, and that of their friends.

To our amusement we have found that Acting the Party can be used as a kind of ‘retro’ party, finding 14/15 year olds can enjoy the acting roles, playing pass the parcel and pin the tail with as much gusto as a 7 year old!


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