From our own experience we realise that children’s parties can become very expensive so with this in mind we designed Acting the Party to be played at home. We also know, from a child’s point of view, they generally feel more comfortable in a home setting.

However, it is possible to play Acting the Party in a hall or outside so long as you have access to a good sound system.
A little ingenuity maybe called for – games such as the treasure hunt need common household items to be hidden next to.
In a home environment, they would be things as say, a bin or a clock. To overcome this problem write a note and stick it on the back of a chair, or a cone, any item you have in the hall, telling the children “This is a ….insert name of household object, i.e. bin/clock etc” and hiding the treasure hunt clue underneath the chair or cone, this will work just as well.


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