Birthday Games Packs

Give your child a birthday party to remember!

…. without spending a fortune. Whenever you want it – wherever you are.

Want an exciting children’s party that includes role-play, music, birthday games and giggles?   YES!!

This is designed for you to create an awesome party for your child at home, in minutes. They’ll be stars in their very own show. Great fun guaranteed!

The aim of our parties is to get children active, interactive, and having fun, without creating mess or mayhem. With a simple set up, and practically nothing for you to do on the day – just press play!

Furthermore they’ll be entertained for a full hour and a half, so you can relax. A complete two hour party with eating and greeting.

The children will discover their artistic side, playing captivating characters in our themed audio story-plays. Our professional narrators will keep them occupied – so you won’t have to. The structured story-play also includes themed birthday games threaded throughout.

Our children’s birthday parties are ideal for little show offs, but will also win round the shyest of children. Don’t take our word for it:

Check out our testimonials and reviews page, plus a lovely video review by Eduardo on our Feedback blog page.

  • Simple to do
  • Invitations included
  • Games are prepared with easy-to-do instructions
  • Play the audio story-play

  • Everyone can watch and join in the fun!
  • All our parties now come with free shipping! 

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