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About Acting the Party

Owner and producer of Acting the Party - Kids birthday party entertainment including party games to use at home.
25 06, 2015

Elderflower Cordial


How to make Elderflower cordial, (rather than cow parsley cordial) very simple, delicious and refreshing drink to make - will make the summer last!

Elderflower Cordial2021-06-26T20:36:17+01:00
1 06, 2015

Stories kids listen to.


In a world full of visual imagery it's difficult to just sit and listen to a story. Yet stories are everywhere, we just need to be taught how to comprehend them.

Stories kids listen to.2017-04-10T15:22:38+01:00
11 07, 2014

A list of theme ideas for home parties


Here's a comprehensive list of theme ideas for home parties. There are possibly a few you had never thought of, any that you expect to be on the list that aren't, please add to the comments.

A list of theme ideas for home parties2021-10-19T21:40:50+01:00
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