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11 06, 2018

Advantages of having a party at home


Advantages of having a party at home

Advantages of having a party at home

Having a party at home isn’t to everyone’s taste. Some don’t want the bother of having to organise it all, some people hate having mess to clear up or afraid their

Advantages of having a party at home2018-08-29T17:17:46+01:00
25 05, 2018

The Big Balloon Debate


Ever thought about where all the pieces of a balloon end up one you've released it? Plastic is polluting our planet and Acting the Party would like to change what we are doing to our planet in the name of entertainment.

The Big Balloon Debate2018-07-20T14:14:30+01:00
16 02, 2016

A Great Event


SBS stands for Small Business Sunday, an idea set out by Theo Paphitis to help give a boost to small businesses.

A Great Event2017-07-25T16:37:09+01:00
25 06, 2015

Elderflower Cordial


How to make Elderflower cordial, (rather than cow parsley cordial) very simple, delicious and refreshing drink to make - will make the summer last!

Elderflower Cordial2017-04-10T15:07:45+01:00
1 06, 2015

Stories kids listen to.


In a world full of visual imagery it's difficult to just sit and listen to a story. Yet stories are everywhere, we just need to be taught how to comprehend them.

Stories kids listen to.2017-04-10T15:22:38+01:00